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Posted by szmdavis on March 21, 2013 at 4:55 PM

I am currently XX years of age (I'm legal.) and just started creating my name for myself on the interwebs. Hmmm...what else...? Well...well!


Things I personally love:


Donuts (boxes and BOXES of DONUTS -heavy breathing- ) ...-ahem-

Mario games

Video game music from games circa 1985 to 2005

Osamu Tezuka...what a genius...created several different styles of drawings and made a genre. Need I say more?

Peaches and Cream...the song.

anything by Neyo

Miu-Miu fashion

Seveteen Magazine and Teen Vogue (practically my bibles)

Bravest Warriors (The Adeventure time I WISH would be on tv. I buy the comics almost every single month. Dedication? Yes.)


How I spend my time:

-Studying (The most mentally exhausting thing...EVER.)

-Reading comics, memoirs...anything I can get my hands on really.

-Watching TV (Gotta love Dance Moms and Young Justice)

-Playing video games. Currently crazy about retro Sonic games.


My Drawing style?

A work in progress. I wanna get hired and do self-publishing to get some titles under my belt and hopefully get some recognition for my creative style. If there are big money cash wads (or even mini cash money wads) involved, great! But it's not everything. I just like the entermainment...and drawing spoofs and other things. One of the perks of being able to draw anything decently.


As for where it derives Well, I orginally started out as a full blown cartoonist type and didn't have an actual genre or type I belonged to until I hit 7th grade. Then I went from classic cartooning to manga. I wanted to get better and thought that someday I would get some recognition for my drawings. So I set to work on creating a manga style. I drew Sonic Fan characters at first and furries then graduated to full manga in 9th grade. As for my manga style...I've been told that there are hints of Bleach in it (But I see my character designs coming from everything I've seen so far in like. Thick eyebrows = Mario , hot guys = Tales of Games and final Fantasy...etc.). In 11th grade, I craved for soemthing...more different. I wanted to make my identity, because to be good at drawing is one thing, but there has to be sprinkles on your chocolate glazed donut to stand out. Hell, probably even some Fruity pebbles and banana chips while you're at it. Anyway, I read Scott McCloud's (Will Eisner's second form...really.) trilogy of Comic ideology and such guides and Comics became my ninth class. I studied struture day and night, pacing while pacing, heck even when I was waiting for the shower water to heat up I was reviewing the six steps ro becoming and artist and found my niche. (Animist and Formalist that follows 2-6 on the steps. If you have know idea what I'm going about, then look up Scott McCloud Six Steps of Comics and ' ' Four Tribes of Comics. Find yourself.)


Lastly, I arrived at my senior year prepared for publication, but I was scared. Publishers are scary people, or so I've heard. I didn't want to have my creative freedom squashed completely or even touched. (Creativity is my baby.) But I didn't mind pullng back a bit and finally I started setting this web site (go free webhosting!) so I can post whatever from pencils to color (both traditionally and digitally) and the occasional 'OMG look what I found on the internet!' picture.


So please enjoy the website and CRACKING SKIES.

P.S Here's what I was talking about when I said the foru tibes of Comics. 

McCloud classifies comics artists in four "tribes": the classicists (like Alex Raymond), who value beauty and mastery of craft; the animists (like Jack Kirby), for whom art serves story content; the formalists (including himself), who experiment with the medium; and the iconoclasts (like Robert Crumb), whose foremost goal is to vividly convey reality.

And the Six Step Path: 



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